The beauty of this flashlight is that you will not need to replace it or buy a battery for a LONG time.

  • One minute of hand cranking (at 2 rotations per minute) the flashlight will last at least 8 minutes
  • After a full 10 hours of direct sunlight, the battery can be fully recharged
  • The hand crank handle fits nicely into a pocket in the back of the flashlight
  • Rechargeable NiMH batteries
  • Quick Use Carabiner Clip
  • Yellow Compact Flashlight
  • Perfect for any survival gear kit, this flashlight includes a clip to attach to backpack or other items. Easily clip the flashlight onto your:

    • Backpack
    • Belt loop
    • Bug out bag
    • Tent
    The best part is that the solar panel will keep charging the battery.
  • Flashlight includes it's individual packaged box which is perfect for gift giving.
  • Instruction manual included as well
  • Just pull the hand crank out and start spinning for a quick charge


Type: Survival Gear