Nite Ize LED Mini Glowstick

  • FUN AND FUNCTIONAL GLOWSTICK - Compact and powerful, for safety or fun, our LED Mini Glowsticks are perfect to keep in your home, car or emergency kit for handy visibility whenever you need it.
  • BRIGHT LED LIGHT - Our Glowsticks shine a bright and clean LED light, with no messy or hazardous chemicals like traditional glowsticks. Turn on or off with a simple twist.
  • SMART DESIGN - Nite Ize LED Mini Glowsticks are fully waterproof, great for all-weather emergency situations -- they even float! Included #0 plastic S-Biner carabiner attachment lets you clip to handles, ropes, belt loops, or other biners.
  • REPLACABLE BATTERY - Included 4 LED light batteries have a run time of over 60 hours, and are easy to replace when needed.
  • AVAILABLE IN 5 LED GLOWSTICK COLORS - Nite Ize LED glowsticks shine a bright light in one of five color options: Red, Green, Blue, Orange, or White. Each measures .8" in diameter, 6.2" in length and weighs .6oz.


Type: Survival Gear