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There is a need to answer to every question, but it will certainly boil down to

why the delay in our services?

We are sorry for the inconvenience caused so far due to the situation we are

facing as a brand. We want to leave you without doubts about what our

challenges have been so far;

The COVID-19 pandemic set in as a surprise that caused a setback and on

trying to adapt to the challenging situation by working remotely to keep safe

and meet up with your demands, there is a bit issue in the orders from our

manufacturers, as stated:

  • Delay shipping and processing time - this is taking squarely about 7 -12 days for survival items arrival.
  • Incomplete Shipment - this occurs when items go out-of-stock after our order is processed.

Nevertheless, you can now start planning your next trip because we got covered

on this after settling the situations at hand.


From September 5th, we are taking orders for your 

October box. Don't worry because you have the assurance of high-quality

survival supplies and gear (high survival utilities) in your Survival Box for your

outdoor adventures or emergency & disasters.


We sincerely apologize for all this while, being back and at our best again, we thank you for your continual support, patronage, and patience in scaling through this period.

Stay and keep safe in your adventures!

Best Survival Regards,

The Survival Boxes Team

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