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The COVID-19 PANDEMIC created a high demand for survival supplies and some MANUFACTURERS became OUT OF STOCK and unable to fulfill our large orders for key survival supplies.  Some items are still sold out and/or in short supply, but we are working through the supply disruption and will ensure every SURVIVAL BOX we ship is packed with high-quality survival supplies and gear!  As the COVID situation changes, the survival supplies situation changes but SURVIVAL BOXES will continue to ship boxes with high survival utility for Outdoor Adventures or Emergency & Disasters!  We apologize for the inconvenience caused by the pause in shipments and we hope you are staying healthy & safe during this challenging time.


CURRENT SURVIVAL BOXES SUBSCRIBERS :  Your subscription will renew on August 15th 2020, creating an order for the next monthly shipment in September 2020!We will email you more details on the subscription with a reminder of the next subscription renewal date and next shipment date! 

NEW SUBSCRIBERS:  You will be able to become a Survival Boxes Subscriber after August 16th 2020.  New Subscription orders will be available again on August 16th! 

Best Survival Regards, 

The Survival Boxes Team


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