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SURVIVAL BOX (OUTDOOR ADVENTURE) is a box packed with Backpacking Meals, outdoor gear, and other supplies you'll enjoy on your outdoor adventures! 

You can put the contents of your Survival Box the test while surviving your next outdoor adventure!  This box is for the outdoor adventurer (backwoods backpackers-to-backyard campers...and everyone in between that loves spending time in the outdoors) that wants awesome new survival gear & supplies delivered to their doorstep every month. 

Every month you will receive:   

BACKPACKING MEALS - with 5 - 25 year shelf life meals for backpacking and outdoors. Featuring brands like Mountain House, Wise, and Backpacker's Pantry.

SURVIVAL GEAR - 1 - 6 survival gear and supply items and the monthly Survival Knowledge Card.  Featuring Brands like:

KABAR, GSI, InstaFire, UST, UCO, GoalZero, Adventure Medical Kits, AceCamp, GoalZero, STANLEY, SOL, Gerber, CRKT, Kershaw, SOG, Boker, Schrade, Buck, Sawyer, Kelly Kettle, Esbit many more...

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