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During the Last Decade: Top10 Deadliest U.S. Natural Disasters

Most times, nature is termed merciless with what it brings as disruptions to humans’environment and is no longer a strange encounter on the deadliest US natural disasters breakout.

Deadliest Natural Disasters in U.S

The occurrence of the deadliest natural disasters in the US as of the 2010s left the nation in peril. These were terrible in the sense that many individual lives were lost, families shattered, the economy crumbles, and people are in the state of turmoil.

What was the Deadliest Natural Disaster in U.S.History?

The account of this horrible experience reckons on the need for Emergency Preparedness as your survival might be at stake once a devastating cause blows without earlier notice.

Deadliest Natural Disaster in U.S.History

Here isthe top deadliest natural disaster in US history ever to claim so many lives while leaving others with health issues;

Maria Hurricane

The high-end category4 hurricane struck the United States Territory of Puerto Rico in September 2017. There was an estimate of 2,975 and 4,645 death toll by a George Washington University study and Harvard researchers, respectively.

It had a severe impact causing the damage and destruction of 300,000+ homes while bringing down transmission lines and power poles. Also, erupting flood that cleared off roads, bridges, trees and other environmental structures.

California Firestorms

After a multi-year drought, these destructive but massive wildfires occurred at intervals from September 2017 -November 2018. They consumed about 32,000 structures and I millionacres. Most especially the northern California and paradise city were affected precisely by the campfire and carr fire respectively.

With the inclusion of the wildfires in Napa Sonoma counties, over 100 lives lost, and due to high winds -the power supplies were shut down to minimize the fire spread threat through transmission-wires spark.

Harvey Hurricane

It made an appearance along Texas coast north of Corpus Christi in 2017. Being an extreme and widespread rainfall caused storms that affected locations that were near Port Arthur, Beaumont and Houston metro area.

An estimate of $130 billion were damages caused which comprise the destruction of 1 million vehicles, flooding of over 200,000 homes and businesses, with 39,000 people force-leaving their home and 68 deaths case.

Sandy Superstorm

Took place on October 2012 in New York City -Sandy Hook and, New Jersey -Bridgeport, Connecticut. High winds swept trees from North Carolina, Ohio to New England and power blackouts occurred.

In the northeast, 72 people died during the incidence, and 87 others lost their lives on exposure to power outages in cold weather after the storm effect. Moreover, the damage estimate was $73.5 billion.


Within April 25-28, May 2011; the South and East were devastated by the terrible outbreak of 349 tornadoes. It was such that 321 deaths and $11.9 damages were confirmed.

Notably, 60% of these tornadoes occurred on April 27 in Tennessee, Alabama, Mississippi and northwest Georgia while on May 22, a strong tornado tore through Joplin -Missouri.

Michael Hurricane

It is known as the fourth category5 landfall that primarily hit Florida Panhandle in 2018. Precisely, in Mexico Beach, 93% of the buildings were damaged having 45,000+ structures as that of Bay County alone due to the uproar of the destructive winds.

Talking about the disaster in Southeast Alabama, Southwest and central Georgia caused an estimation of over $5.7 billion damages with 99% home destruction and 3,000 residential structures inclusive.

Endless Flood

In 2019, the natural disaster was a trigger by the Winter Storm Ulmer (a major Plains blizzard) causing flood in the Missouri and Mississippi Valleys. Over $1 billion as damage to farmlands, levees, and structures with lives were lost.

There was the destruction of a dam in Nebraska and while the disaster lasting for 9months caused several locations along the Missouri River in southeast Nebraska and Missouri to be in flood.

Oklahoma Tornado

May20, 2013; the disaster tore through Newcastle, Moore and southern Oklahoma City. Approximately, there were 31 deaths and, 300 homes destruction leading to $2 billion damages.

Notwithstanding, another tornado struck eleven days later that triggered deadly flash flooding and killing 21 people.

Carolinas Trifecta Flood

Here is flood fatigue that had multiple appearances -October 2015 and 2016, September 2018 and 2019. It has an estimate of over $24.5 billion for destructions of things and lives.

Therein;they were able to cause damages to 300 homes, and buildings, swamping over 100,000 structures, displacement of 500 residents while that of 2015 shut down a stretch of Interstate 95 for weeks.


As of late January 2014, this winter storm rose in the Southeast. It came as snows and air froze them, causing roadblocks for vehicles, gridlock on streets and freeways alike. Three thousand school students were stranded, One hundred and seventy-five people sustained injuries due to over 1500 accidents relating to this road fatality.

Moreover, the disaster also set into central and northern Alabama, including the Birmingham metro area -thereby stopping travel.

Knowing the deadliest US natural disasters goes beyond providing an answer to what was the deadliest natural disaster in US history.

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