Survival boxes

Survival Skills

The world has inconveniences beyond our control, in the sense that when disasters strike, we have no choice than evacuating on an emergency for survival.

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Wildfires in California

There are series of ongoing burning fires with regards to California wildfire season that is more severe than as predicted, due to the moderate or high drought conditions in various areas of the state.

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Top camping destinations after Covid

Camping is a great-time for communing with nature which makes providence of open spaces for where you might likely know nobody and usually presented as coastal sites, desert oases, mountainous climbs or dusty valleys for an enticing escapade.

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Top camping destinations after Covid- Featured Shot

The supplies needed for survival

The question always seems to be, what does one need for a survival scenario? For preparedness, here are the essential survivor supplies to be in your kit.

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Natural disasters

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Natural disasters- Featured Shot