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About Survival Box

Survive Outdoor Adventures.
Survive Disasters. Survival Boxes.

We are a veteran-owned and operated company. Myself and a longtime friend that served together in the U.S. Army realized the necessity for people to prepare & become more self-sufficient and the need to get outdoors & reconnect with nature.  The idea and philosophy collided and the Survival Boxes subscription boxes were born. Survival Boxes are great for preparedness enthusiasts that prepare for man-made disasters (war, economic collapse, terrorism, biological outbreak, EMP attack, nuclear event, zombie apocalypse) and natural disasters (hurricane, tornado, flood, earthquake, solar flare). Survival Boxes are also great for outdoor enthusiasts who will use the products regularly on their adventures (hiking, camping, trekking, hunting).  Receiving your monthly Survival Box will incrementally build survival supplies to be used after an unexpected disaster or on your next outdoor adventure.

We believe that integrity and value is very important. We strive to give our subscribers a great value in the products you receive.  We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee on our boxes, so if you are not happy with our product for any reason just contact us, send it back, and we will issue a refund (minus shipping expenses)-- no questions asked.  We're glad you stopped by survivalboxes.com, please continue to browse around our website and learn more about Survival Boxes.  Thanks for checking us out and we hope you subscribe and join the Survival Boxes family!

Survival Regards,

The Survival Boxes Team

Survival Boxes contain only essential survival supplies: GEAR, FOOD, WATER, and SEEDS.
This what sets us apart from all other survival, prepper, or gear boxes.

es·sen·tial - adjective 1. absolutely necessary; extremely important .

sur·viv·al - noun 1. the state or fact of continuing to live or exist, typically in spite of an accident, ordeal, or difficult circumstances.


Survival Boxes Mission Statement: to provide essential and useful survival supplies every month that will prepare you to survive almost any situation you find yourself in.  Always delivering maximum survival utility and value.

As sort of a fringe benefit, we hope your Survival Boxes will inspire you to embark on adventures in the great outdoors more often.  Everything in a Survival Box is storable and will be waiting on you to step into the wilderness- revel in nature and survive.

Survive Outdoor Adventures. Survive Disasters. Survival Boxes.